Does UPS Deliver on Sundays?

Are you looking for an answer to the question, “Does UPS deliver on Sundays?” Yes, UPS offers a weekend delivery service known as UPS Express Critical Service. In this post, we’ll talk about how UPS delivers packages on Sundays.

UPS drivers around the world deliver more than 1 million packages every day. Because of, you can easily imagine how well-known the UPS parcel service is across the globe. Additionally, consider how quickly UPS delivers to their customers, day and night.

However, most UPS customers are perplexed about the company’s operating hours, closing hours, delivery hours, and holiday schedule. As a result, we have decided to write a separate post on these topics.

You might be wondering if UPS is still delivering on Saturdays during the holiday season. It is possible to obtain UPS hours and a holiday schedule by visiting these links: UPS opening hours, UPS closing hours, and UPS holiday schedule. We’ll talk about UPS delivery on Sundays in this post.

Does UPS Deliver on Sundays

What about UPS’s Sunday Delivery Service?

For the time being, UPS does not offer Sunday delivery, which is a bummer because both USPS and FedEx currently provide this service. A few years ago, the USPS began offering Sunday delivery exclusively in partnership with Amazon, and FedEx has also offered Sunday delivery as a premium service for a few years.

It’s not out of the question that UPS will start providing this service shortly. As previously mentioned, the company strives to remain competitive with its main rivals, USPS and FedEx. If Sunday deliveries continue to be popular, this service will likely be added in the future.

However, a few workarounds are available for those who must have UPS Sunday delivery—ordering from Amazon? You know that your package may be sent via UPS and then handed off to the USPS on Sunday for “last mile delivery”.

UPS could (technically) transport your Amazon order across the country while USPS delivers it to your door on Sunday, but there’s no natural way to plan or set this up in advance.

It is possible to order UPS Express Critical Care Package services on a Saturday or Sunday and receive your package on a Sunday, most of the time. Except for the high cost (really high cost)and limited availability to the continental United States starting in early 2021, there isn’t much of a time here. Even so, if you have urgent packages to deliver – or if you need to deliver on a Sunday – this may be the best option if you plan ahead of time.

Current UPS policy on Sunday deliveries

UPS has implemented Sunday deliveries for certain services and select regions, in response to the growing demand for weekend delivery options. This policy shift reflects UPS’s commitment to providing flexible and convenient delivery solutions for customers.

Sunday deliveries are primarily available for specific services like UPS Ground and UPS Next Day Air, depending on the destination and service level chosen by the customer. The availability of Sunday deliveries varies based on the location’s proximity to UPS distribution centers and the selected shipping option.

By offering Sunday deliveries, UPS aims to enhance its competitive edge and meet the evolving needs of customers who expect timely deliveries on weekends. This policy aligns with the changing landscape of e-commerce and the desire for seamless shipping experiences.

However, UPS’s policies and services can evolve over time, so it’s recommended to check the official UPS website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information on their current policy regarding Sunday deliveries.

Types of packages eligible for UPS Sunday delivery

UPS introduced Sunday delivery services for specific package types to meet the increasing demand for weekend deliveries. While eligibility can vary based on location and service availability, certain types of packages are generally eligible for UPS Sunday delivery.

  • UPS Ground: Some regions offer UPS Ground Sunday delivery for eligible packages. This service is particularly beneficial for businesses and individuals who want packages delivered on weekends without the need to upgrade to more expensive express services.
  • UPS Next Day Air: Certain express services, like UPS Next Day Air, may offer Sunday delivery options for packages that require urgent delivery. This can be advantageous for time-sensitive shipments that need to reach their destination quickly.

It is important to note that eligibility for Sunday delivery can be influenced by factors such as the destination’s proximity to UPS distribution centers, the selected service level, and the availability of weekend delivery routes. Customers should check directly with UPS or use the online tracking tools to determine if their specific package qualifies for Sunday delivery in their region.

Keep in mind that UPS policies and services can change over time, so it’s recommended to consult the official UPS website or contact their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the types of packages eligible for Sunday delivery.

Availability of UPS Sunday delivery in different regions

UPS Sunday delivery availability varies across different regions due to the company’s ongoing efforts to expand its weekend delivery options. While UPS has been gradually rolling out Sunday delivery services, their availability might not be uniform across all regions.

UPS’s introduction of Sunday delivery services has primarily targeted major metropolitan areas and densely populated regions. These areas often experience higher package volumes and increased demand for weekend deliveries, making them suitable candidates for this service expansion.

In some regions, UPS may offer Sunday delivery for specific service levels, such as UPS Ground and UPS Next Day Air, allowing customers to choose from a range of delivery options that suit their needs and budgets.

To determine the availability of UPS Sunday delivery in specific regions, customers should refer to the official UPS website or use the online tracking tools to check if this service is offered in their area. It is recommended to consult the most up-to-date information directly from UPS or contact their customer service.

Additional fees for UPS Sunday delivery services

UPS may apply additional fees for Sunday delivery services, depending on the service level, package type, and location. These fees are usually associated with the premium and convenience nature of weekend deliveries.

UPS offers various service levels, including standard and express options, with varying levels of delivery speed and cost. Sunday delivery services are often considered premium offerings due to their convenience, allowing customers to receive packages on weekends.

The additional fees for UPS Sunday delivery services typically cover the extra operational costs associated with weekend delivery, such as hiring and scheduling delivery personnel, maintaining specialized weekend delivery routes, and accommodating the demand for this service.

It is important to note that UPS’s fee structure can change over time, and the availability of Sunday delivery services, along with associated fees, can vary based on factors like location and service level. Customers are advised to review the most up-to-date information on the official UPS website or consult their customer service.

The Advantages of UPS Delivery Services

There are numerous other companies offering courier services all over the world. The best part is that you can send and receive your package from any country in the world with these services. Any experience with UPS services? In that case, you must have been aware or told that UPS provides delivery service and the best customer service available.

As a result, most people prefer it as a method of mail delivery. UPS strives to provide the best possible service to its customers, which is why the American people rely on it. This article has all the details you need regarding UPS Saturday and Sunday delivery.

Do you know what UPS Express Critical Service is?

If you have an urgent shipment, UPS Express Critical is the transportation option for you. From small to large products, this service is available to meet your shipping needs. UPS offers this service and has its official website where customers can reach out to them directly.

They have a group of professionals on hand who can respond fast to any emergency circumstance and develop solutions and transportation options for the cargo as needed. After that, UPS Express Critical’s professionals implemented the delivery solution to ensure the product was delivered on time and within budget.

If the package is delivered to a UPS store, you can track it as it travels through the UPS system. Additional optional features, such as a second handle and care, or specialized equipment, are also available. These kinds of packages must be shipped in temperature-controlled vehicles because they are more delicate. This service also handles hazardous and oversize or overweight cargo.

More Information on UPS Express Critical Service

Dropping off and picking up are both possible with this service, and both are done at a low cost and on time. UPS Express Critical makes delivery vehicles or transportation and other necessary arrangements according to the shipment’s delivery requirements.

Both included in the optimization of transportation routes to reduce delivery times and costs. The quality of services provided by UPS is not compromised due to these efforts or other services.

Does UPS Deliver on Sundays?

This service is available for any reason, and anyone can take advantage of it, whether they are working even on Saturdays and the only time they have available is on Sunday, or whether or not they have an urgent requirement for parcel delivery on Sunday.

As previously mentioned, UPS offers a service known as UPS express critical, which provides time-sensitive urgent courier delivery seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, every day. When it comes to delivering urgent packages, this 24X7 service does not cut corners on service quality.

It includes air, surface, charter, hand carry, international, secure, inside precision, and other value-added services, among different modes of transportation. UPS express critical service has its customer service department as well as the ability to print barcode labels. It’s possible to print the barcode label from the UPS express binding site, but customer support would be happy to assist if needed.

UPS Express Critical service contact information

With this service, you may dispatch time-sensitive freight around the clock, seven days a week, using the UPS distribution network. You can approach them by email at [email protected] for further details.

Suppose you have any questions about UPS Saturday and Sunday hours. In that case, you can contact their team of experts or customer service representatives at 1-800-714-8779 in the United States and Canada, or 1-913-693-6205 if you are calling from outside the United States. In addition, there is a separate number for Mexico, which is 001-800-479-2018, which can be obtained separately. Website: is the official website of UPS that expresses critical service.

If you have not already done so, you will need to register with UPS to take advantage of their express service. Another way you can visit the website and sign in to continue using the service.

When and Why UPS Started Delivering Weekends?

You’ve just finished reading our article on UPS weekend delivery. James E. Casey was the man behind the creation of UPS. When he was just a 19-year-old businessman, he discovered the troubles others were having with courier delivery and set up an American messenger service to address their concerns.

UPS and its services were largely unknown for a long time, but as time passed and public awareness grew, UPS services became well-known. UPS’s excellent services, such as UPS pickup, UPS drop-off, tracking, and location, have made this possible over time, not just in a single day. UPS used to not deliver on Saturdays and Sundays, but the UPS team has made several improvements in the last few years that have helped UPS customers worldwide. UPS does more than just transport packages; it also sells a wide range of goods that may be ordered directly from the website.

Not everyone can benefit from UPS’s various services. To focus on the primary problem, UPS releases any new service. This is why UPS has become well-known for its offerings. UPS now offers Saturday and Sunday delivery for those who work Monday through Friday. UPS’s Monday-to-Friday service is available to you if you are one of them. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll have no trouble locating UPS’s weekend delivery services.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Sunday a business day for UPS?

The answer is both yes and no. UPS does not deliver on Sundays, save through its expensive UPS Express Critical service. On the other hand, the majority of UPS Store locations are open on Sundays.

  • What’re the latest UPS delivers on Sunday?

To receive UPS Sunday delivery, you must purchase the value-added UPS Express Critical service. These deliveries may arrive as late as 8 PM on Sundays because Express Critical is a hurried delivery service that puts customer satisfaction above everything else. Delivery times may increase during busier periods of the year, such as the holidays.

  • What days does UPS not deliver?

Thanksgiving (Nov 25), New Year’s Day (Jan 1), and Christmas Day are UPS holiday closures (Dec 25). The UPS Express Critical® service is still accessible. See whether your location’s business hours change on other holidays. There is a UPS® pickup and delivery option.

Final Thoughts:

The following are all of the answers to your Sunday mail-related questions. Customers wanted to know if their mail arrived on Sundays when they ordered it from UPS. As a result, we made an effort to address any questions about UPS Sunday delivery.

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