Solved: USPS Tracking Hasn’t Updated in 3 Days

You’re probably aware that the USPS tracking system allows you to keep track of your delivery’s progress. Every shipment comes with a unique ID called a tracking number that will enable you to trace the progress of your package at any moment.

But, what does the fact that USPS tracking isn’t updated mean? Is there anything you can do about it, and if so, what can you do?

USPS Tracking Hasn't Updated

What Does USPS Tracking Not Updating Mean?

If your shipment’s status is blocked and the tracking isn’t changing, it could imply one of two things:

  1. Your shipment’s present location is unknown or hasn’t changed recently.
  2. Because the package hasn’t been scanned, no new tracking information is available.
  3. Although your package has arrived for delivery, it has not yet been processed.

USPS tracking hasn’t updated in a week

If your USPS tracking hasn’t been updated for a week, there are several reasons this might occur. Postal delays, holidays, or processing backlogs can cause tracking information to stagnate. Firstly, allow some time for potential delays, especially during busy periods or adverse weather conditions. If your package was shipped recently, it might not have reached the next scanning location.

Secondly, check if the tracking number is correct. Mistyped numbers can lead to inaccurate tracking updates. Verify the number with the sender. Thirdly, consider the possibility that the package wasn’t scanned at certain intermediate points due to human error or technical glitches. In this case, the package could still be in transit.

It’s also worth noting that international shipments might experience longer gaps in tracking due to customs clearance and shipping transitions. If your package’s tracking remains stagnant and you’re concerned, it’s a good idea to contact USPS customer service.

They can provide more specific information and insights into the status of your shipment. Remember that tracking can occasionally lag, but staying informed through official channels will give you a clearer picture of your package’s whereabouts.

What to Do When USPS Tracking Hasn’t Updated in 3 Days?

If your USPS tracking hasn’t shown any updates in the past 3 days, there are steps you can take to gain clarity on the situation. Shipping delays are common, and sometimes the tracking system doesn’t immediately reflect the package’s progress.

Confirm the accuracy of the tracking number. A simple mistake in the number could lead to incorrect tracking information. Also, check if there have been any weather-related disruptions or local issues in the areas your package is passing through. These factors might slow down the tracking updates.

Contact the sender to ensure they dispatched the package correctly and have the necessary documentation. Sometimes, the delay could be on their end. If these steps don’t resolve your concerns, consider reaching out to USPS customer service. They can offer insights, check the status, and potentially initiate a search if necessary.

It’s important to remember that shipping delays can happen for various reasons, and a brief lack of tracking updates might not necessarily indicate a problem. However, if you remain worried, direct communication with USPS or the sender can provide you with accurate information and put your mind at ease.

Possible Reasons behind USPS Tracking Not Updating

A variety of factors could cause the problem with USPS tracking not updating. However, it would help if you first grasped how the tracking system works to comprehend those reasons.

To begin with, each package includes a barcode. The barcode is scanned every time the shipment moves from one site or facility to the next by USPS employees. And you’ll get a notification on your dashboard every time this happens. A package is routinely scanned multiple times before it reaches its final destination.

As a result, anything that disrupts this procedure may impact the tracking system and the status of your delivery. Some of the potential factors for the update’s delay are listed below:

1. Your Parcel Was Not Scanned

There’s a chance your package is on its way and will arrive at your home on the scheduled delivery date. Despite this, the bar code is not checked along the way for some reason.

Perhaps the USPS courier is using a broken scanner or forgot to scan the package. In any case, if the shipment has not been checked for 14 hours or more, you will realize that USPS tracking is not updating because no changes will appear on your dashboard. On sometimes, USPS employees do not scan shipments on purpose.

Something like this can happen over the holiday season when the USPS has a higher volume of packages to deliver. As a result, the scanning process takes longer. The USPS personnel skip the scanning process to speed up and ensure that the parcels are delivered on time.

Of course, some inevitable situations may prevent cargo from being scanned at intermediate points. A parcel’s barcode, for example, could be broken or unreadable. You will not receive any updates if this is the case with your package. If the code isn’t operating correctly, it could offer you incorrect information about your cargo.

2. Weather Conditions

The inclement weather has delayed the delivery process, preventing your mail or package from going further along with the infrastructure until it reaches its ultimate destination. One of the most common reasons that USPS tracking information isn’t updated is this. This occurs far more frequently than the majority of people think!

It’s crucial to realize that if you’re sending mail across the country, it’ll stop at many locations along the trip, each of which will be dealing with different weather and conditions than you are at home.

It’s not rare for a piece of mail traveling from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to San Diego, California, to experience the complete range of weather systems — sunny days and clear sky, rain and wind, and sometimes even snow or scorching heat.

Any adverse weather (including surprise storms like hurricanes and tornadoes, flash floods, earthquakes, and so on) can throw a spanner in the works and causes your USPS mail and deliveries to be delayed significantly.

Add the mix to the fact that the unusual weather conditions can damage the bar code, preventing the package from being updated as it would otherwise have been. A lot can go later when Mother Nature influences USPS.

3. Delay on the Part of the Carrier

Some other reason for the USPS tracking not updating is that the delivery person’s shift has finished. In that scenario, they either leave the goods in the vehicle or return them to the delivery facility. Don’t be concerned; the courier will deliver it to you the next day.

Unexpected circumstances, such as a truck breakdown, a flat tire, or the driver’s illness, might also cause a delay.

Whatever the situation may be, your shipment is on its way to you. However, the scanning process is disrupted, or other occurrences prevent the package from making it to its destination. Is there anything else you can do?

What Should I Do If My USPS Tracking Isn’t Up to Date?

If you have a USPS tracking that does not update your customer support issue, you will wish to receive aid as quickly as possible. Here are a few approaches you may want to take into account!

Pop Down to the post office

Of course, you could go to your local post office and see if someone there can help you figure out what’s wrong with your mail or package.

Not everyone likes to go to the post office (or has the time to do so during regular business hours). Still, it’s sometimes the most incredible method to receive answers – Simply because you’ll have a member of your community in front of you who can assist you in better understanding the issue.

If you don’t want to participate in person, a quick phone call to your local post office might be a wise option and a good compromise. A short Google search will provide your local post office’s phone number. Just be sure you’re phoning the local number, not the USPS Customer Service hotline we mentioned earlier.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I check the status of my USPS shipment?

Yes, you certainly can. To find out where your shipment is and what it’s doing, use the USPS tracking system. You’ll need your shipment’s tracking number for this.

  • What does USPS tracking not updating mean?

If your USPS tracking isn’t updating, it means your package hasn’t been scanned, or the location of your parcel is currently unknown.

  • Should I worry if the status of my package hasn’t been updated in 3 days?

There’s no need to be concerned. The USPS scans every checkpoint along the route. However, this does not always occur. Weather conditions, a damaged barcode, the Christmas season, and other factors could all play a role. Your package’s status will be updated as soon as feasible by the USPS.

  • What if there have been no updates after Arrival at the Unit?

Your parcel has arrived at its first mail station, according to Arrival At Unit. When your package reaches one of the checkpoints, you may receive this status. If this status does not change after some time, double-check that you have the correct tracking number. Contact Customer Service if the problem persists.

  • What to do when USPS tracking does not update for days?

This number, 1-800-275-8777, will connect you to the USPS customer service assistance hotline, allowing you to explain your problem, offer your tracking information, and see if the USPS can locate your parcel (and provide you with an update) using their backend capabilities.

  • Can my First-Class Mail arrive late too?

Yes. First-class mail typically takes 1–3 days to arrive. This is, however, merely a guess. The USPS does not offer any assurances.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, it might be aggravating when you cannot obtain information about the status or location of your item using the USPS tracking system. A damaged barcode, lousy weather, or the holiday seasons are possibilities for why the USPS tracking isn’t updating. The most brilliant way you can do, meanwhile, is to wait for USPS to handle the problem. We’ll hurry the delivery of your product.

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