Does OnTrac use USPS?

Do you want to know if OnTrac makes use of the United States Postal Service (USPS)? Even though some people have already commented or called the OnTrac help center, those who inquired about OnTrac use the United States Postal Service.

Using a network of agents, OnTrac, an independent logistics company, contracts with regional shipping providers throughout the Western United States.

California Overnight was established in 1991 due to acquiring many small courier services in Canada and the United States.

Despite this, there is no reason to be concerned. Take a look at this page to learn more about how OnTrac honestly uses the USPS.

Does OnTrac use USPS

OnTrac Ground Advantages

  • Faster Transit Times: Switching to OnTrac could help you cut transit times for customers in California, as well as the extensive metro areas of Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. Shipments sent through our efficient ground delivery network arrive faster than those sent through National Carriers, offering you more flexibility and the chance to improve your customer’s experience without the added cost of express shipping.
  • Competitive Ground Shipping Rates: OnTrac Ground can provide you with speedier transportation times at rates comparable to National Carriers. You’ll save money by getting next-day delivery at ground prices! See the OnTrac Ground Service Rates for further information.
  • Same Rate Zones as National Carriers: It has never been simpler to make the switch to OnTrac. OnTrac Ground utilizes the same rate zones as National Carriers, allowing you to compare taxes, surcharges, and transit times with greater accuracy than ever before.
  • Greater Dimensional Divisor: The more, the better! OnTrac Ground uses a dimensional divisor of 166, whereas National Carriers uses a dimensional weight divisor of 139 for calculating the dimensional weight. Calculate the difference over all of your deliveries for the year, and the additional charges can build up quickly and become substantial—another compelling incentive to make the transition to OnTrac.
  • Minimal Program Requirements: To get started with OnTrac Ground, no minimum shipping quantities are required, or delivery guarantees are required. All that is needed is a WebOnTrac or OnTrac Software-enabled account and a daily planned pickup schedule.
  • Money-Back Service Guarantee: Our Money-Back Service Guarantee, which applies to all OnTrac services, includes OnTrac Ground. This ensures that we stand behind our service and that you will be satisfied.

Getting started with OnTrac Ground is a straightforward process. Whether you’re transitioning to OnTrac Ground or integrating us into your existing shipping workflow, we have an experienced team of IT and support professionals ready to assist you.

OnTrac and the USPS start last-mile delivery

OnTrac, a Western regional parcel carrier, today announced the debut of a delivery service in partnership with the United States Postal Service (USPS). The association provides large-volume businesses with a fourth significant business-to-consumer alternative in an area with 70 million people. The technology, dubbed “Direct Post,” enables OnTrac to receive parcels from merchants and inject them directly into the postal network, encompassing more than 2,000 locations within OnTrac’s service area. USPS will subsequently deliver the packages to their final destinations via the so-called last mile.

FedEx Corp., UPS Inc., and DHL Express have used the USPS’s “Parcel Select” service for years. The service is attractive to parcel carriers due to its low cost and that USPS requires the law to serve every address in the USA. This feature enables parcel companies to deliver to residential customers without incurring the cost of dispatching a driver and van to help low-density areas typically.

OnTrac has collaborated with USPS on a last-mile offering for the last five years. However, OnTrac has limited the service to parcel consolidators, organizations that consolidate shipments from retailers and deliver parcels to USPS via the carrier’s intraregional distribution network. Consolidators of parcels do not own or manage physical distribution networks.

The debut of the “Direct Post” service is noteworthy since it enables OnTrac to solicit traffic from large retailers, effectively avoiding consolidators directly.

OnTrac’s delivery footprint spans eight states, including every ZIP code in California. It stretches from Washington State to the Mexican border in the east and east to Colorado in the west.

As a regional carrier, it leverages its defined jurisdiction to provide next-day ground delivery up to 500 miles, a feature not offered by FedEx or UPS. To deliver next-day shipments over that distance, the large airlines typically use more expensive airfreight services. OnTrac asserts that its strategy undercuts the major carriers in terms of pricing and transit time.

The service’s seeds were sown in October 2012, when OnTrac constructed a 400,000-square-foot distribution warehouse east of Los Angeles in Commerce, Calif. The DC was created to provide retailers with shipping throughout the Western United States and an integrated pickup, distribution, and delivery service in collaboration with the United States Postal Service.

However, the rollout took some time. In February 2013, DC Velocity initially reported on OnTrac’s plans. That year, the service would be ready by the end of the summer or the beginning of the fall, according to the firm’s estimate. However, difficulties in OnTrac’s development of the systems and equipment required to interact with USPS in this fashion caused the project to be postponed.

Does OnTrac has partnership with USPS?

OnTrac has a partnership with the United States Postal Service (USPS) called “OnTrac DirectPost.” This collaboration allows OnTrac to leverage USPS’s final-mile delivery network for the last leg of delivery. Here’s how it generally works:

Shipping Hybrid: OnTrac collects packages from businesses and transports them to a USPS facility.

USPS Delivery: USPS takes over the delivery process from the local facility to the recipient’s address.

Benefits: This partnership combines the speed of OnTrac’s regional delivery with USPS’s extensive nationwide network.

Efficiency: It can reduce shipping costs and provide a broader reach for businesses.

Tracking: OnTrac’s tracking information is integrated with USPS, providing end-to-end visibility.

Does OnTrac use USPS for same-day and next-day delivery services?

OnTrac primarily focuses on providing expedited and regional shipping solutions within its own network. While they collaborate with the United States Postal Service (USPS) for certain services like “OnTrac DirectPost,” which is aimed at economy-level shipping and utilizing USPS for the final mile.

OnTrac’s core offerings for same-day and next-day delivery are typically handled within their own infrastructure. For same-day and next-day delivery services, OnTrac often relies on their own dedicated operations and fleet to ensure swift and time-sensitive deliveries.

How many independent contractor does OnTrac has?

OnTrac utilizes a substantial number of independent contractors, and they are often referred to as “OnTrac Couriers.” These independent contractors play a crucial role in OnTrac’s delivery operations, especially within their regional service area in the western United States.

OnTrac Couriers, as independent drivers, are responsible for carrying out last-mile deliveries to customers’ doorsteps. This model allows OnTrac to efficiently cover a wide geographic area while maintaining flexibility in staffing based on demand fluctuations.

The exact number of independent contractors working with OnTrac can vary due to factors such as business growth, seasonal demands, and specific service requirements. The utilization of independent contractors aligns with the company’s aim to optimize costs, streamline operations, and provide effective delivery solutions.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Is OnTrac with the USPS?

The most cost-effective service we provide. Direct Post by OnTrac is a last-mile delivery service provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) for businesses that transport small, lightweight goods.

What shipping service does OnTrac use?

When combined with the United States Postal Service’s last-mile delivery network, OnTrac Direct Post delivers packages at the pace of OnTrac Ground.

What does OnTrac ground mean?

As a regional parcel delivery alternative across California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Idaho, OnTrac Ground provides a faster and more inexpensive option than the competition! OnTrac Ground delivers packages that would otherwise take two days to reach their destination with national carriers the same day. Beginning your OnTrac Ground journey is simple.

Final Thoughts:

Over the last five years, OnTrac has used USPS for regional parcel delivery, and customers are delighted with their service. In this article, you have shared enough information about OnTrac’s use of USPS. For more information, you can contact on OnTrac Customers Service.

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