OnTrac Says Delivered but no Package: Know What to Do

Have you ever had the idea that OnTrac indicates a parcel has been delivered yet there is no package? You’ve been told your package has been delivered, what should you do? But you say you have not received a package? Even though some people claim that OnTrac delivers your parcel but not your package?

OnTrac, a privately held logistics company in the Western United States, contracts regional shipping services through a network of agents.

California Overnight was founded in California in 1991 due to several modest Canadian and American courier businesses.

However, it would help if you were not concerned about it. Read the article to learn the simple steps to having OnTrac deliver to your parcel but no package.

OnTrac Says Delivered but no Package

Packing Guidelines

Proper packaging is a critical component of the delivery experience for customers. The goal of these instructions is to assist you in protecting your shipment and ensuring that your delivery is delivered safely and without incident.

It is possible that improper or insufficient packaging will impact the outcome of a claim; thus, please follow these suggestions when packing your shipment.

Any packing and shipping materials are acceptable while using OnTrac. Self-adhesive label sleeves and label rolls from WebOnTrac are available for use with our stand-alone shipping solutions, sold separately.

It’s best to use brand-new packing materials whenever possible. It is advisable to prepare your package with a new box and unused packing material because they have the most exemplary structural integrity.

Ensure that the box is firm and in excellent condition and that there are no tears or damage to the corners if you are recycling one. Clear away or cover all existing labels and marks, and make sure there is adequate space for cushioning material places around the internal contents.

  • Ensure that the packing is robust and undamaged and that all flaps are intact and firmly secured before shipping.
  • Chipboard boxes, such as gift or shoe boxes, must be put inside a corrugated outer box to prevent damage to the chipboard.
  • It is recommended to utilize double-wall boxes for transporting heavy things.
  • Delivering smaller products within a larger outer box is the best option when shipping internationally.
  • When fragile packaging products, use two boxes and allow three inches of cushioning in and around the smaller box.
  • All products should be individually wrapped in cushioning material and placed in cartons in the center of the box, away from other objects and away from the edges, corners, top, and bottom of the box, among other things.
  • When shipping bottles containing liquids, be sure that they are stored upright in the shipping container. The inner packaging should have an inside seal and a perforated breakaway top, and the internal packaging should be capable of containing any leaks.
  • Items that could be harmed by typical handling (such as soiling, marking, or applying adhesive labels) should be placed in a protective outer box to safeguard them from damage.
  • If there are any sharp edges, protrusions, or unusual or irregular forms in the content, it is recommended to wrap or tape them.
  • Make sure to include a second label, business card, or letterhead with the shippers and recipient’s addresses and phone numbers before you seal the package to ensure that the information is accurate.

Reasons for Not Delivered Despite OnTrac’s “Delivered” Status

Despite OnTrac’s “Delivered” status, there could be various reasons why a package hasn’t reached its intended recipient. These reasons often stem from complexities in the delivery process or external factors

Misdelivery or Misplacement: The package might have been left at the wrong address or misplaced during the delivery process.

Neighbor or Reception: The package could have been received by a neighbor or a front desk if it was delivered to a shared or complex housing setup.

Security or Gating: In secure areas, access could have been restricted and prevented successful delivery.

Weather or Access Issues: Adverse weather conditions or difficult-to-access locations might have hindered the delivery.

Stolen Packages: Unfortunately, packages left unattended can be vulnerable to theft, especially in some urban or high-traffic areas.

Incomplete Scans: The tracking status might have been updated prematurely, leading to confusion.

Delivery Attempts: If the recipient wasn’t available during delivery attempts, the package might be held at a local facility for pick-up.

Incorrect Tracking Update: There could be a discrepancy between the actual delivery and the status update.

Returned to Sender: Multiple attempts to deliver the package. The package was ultimately returned to the sender due to delivery challenges.

System Glitches: Technical issues or glitches in the tracking system could lead to inaccurate status updates.

If you encounter such a situation, start by checking with neighbors or building reception for any delivery notifications. If the issue persists, contacting OnTrac’s customer service with the tracking number and details can help clarify the situation and determine the best course of action.

OnTrac’s Responsibility in Case of a Delivered but not Delivered Package

When faced with a situation where the tracking status shows a package as “delivered” but it hasn’t actually been received. OnTrac holds a certain level of responsibility to address the issue and find a resolution.

Firstly, OnTrac should be contacted immediately to report the discrepancy between the tracking information and the actual delivery status. They are responsible for investigating the matter thoroughly to determine what transpired.

OnTrac’s responsibility involves:

Investigation: OnTrac should conduct an internal investigation into the delivery process, verifying the address and delivery personnel involved.

  • Communication: They should promptly communicate with the recipient to gather information about the delivery attempt, the location of the package, and any possible delivery notes.
  • Neighborhood Checks: OnTrac may check with neighbors or nearby locations to confirm if the package was mistakenly delivered to a wrong address.
  • Delivery Records: OnTrac should provide delivery records, including timestamp and location information, to help verify the legitimacy of the delivery.
  • Resolution: If the package is indeed missing or undelivered, OnTrac should take steps to either locate and deliver the package promptly or compensate the sender or recipient according to their policies.

Common Scenarios Where OnTrac Tracking Shows “Delivered” But Package is Not Received

Instances where OnTrac tracking indicates a package as “delivered” while it’s not actually received can arise due to various common scenarios. These situations often lead to confusion and concern for both senders and recipients.

In apartment buildings or gated communities, packages might be left at the front desk, leading to a “delivered” status despite the recipient not physically receiving it. Neighbors could accept the package on behalf of the intended recipient, causing the tracking to show as delivered.

In shared living spaces, packages can be placed in mailrooms, and the tracking status might update before the recipient collects the item. The delivery person might mark the package as “delivered” before completing the actual drop-off, possibly due to time constraints.

If there’s an address discrepancy or typographical error, the package might be delivered to a similar-sounding address. Unfortunately, packages left unattended could be stolen, leading to a “delivered” status without the recipient receiving it.

Packages could be misplaced in transit, leading to erroneous “delivered” updates. If the recipient isn’t available during delivery attempts, the package might be held for pick-up, yet the tracking might show as “delivered.”

System glitches or human errors in updating the tracking status could lead to inaccuracies. Rarely, “delivered” might refer to a future date when the package is actually scheduled for delivery. In such scenarios, it’s advisable to wait a bit longer before making any complain.

OnTrac lies about delivery

A circumstance quite similar to this one occurred to me just the other evening. The driver claimed that the product had been delivered, although I was standing outside my front door when they said it had been given.

Even though his driver was not wrong, the customer representative refused to think of any other options. His only response was, “We delivered the delivery, so the problem is between you and Amazon.”

My package was listed “delivered,” yet it has not arrived

Occasionally, a shipment will be marked as delivered by the shipping carrier before it has been delivered. If you have received the delivery email but have not yet received your package, please follow the instructions below.


  • OnTrac delivery cars are equipped with G.P.S., which can cause an item to be marked as “delivered” before it has been delivered. Please allow another business day for the package to arrive, since it is possible that it was marked as delivered by mistake and will not arrive until the following day.
  • Contact the local OnTrac office for further information. Instead of calling the OnTrac hotline with questions, go to your neighborhood post office. A more prompt and efficient postal service will be provided by your local post office.
  • Please inquire as to who delivered the package and what time it was delivered on that particular day. OnTrac is accustomed to answering these kinds of questions and will usually provide valuable answers.


  • Check your door/mailbox for a notice from the post office in your neighborhood. A note should arrive in the mail with the necessary information for receiving your package if one is sent.
  • Inform the post office and the local customs office that you intend to send a package. Interrogate the delivery person about who made the delivery and what time it occurred. Postal staff is accustomed to answering these kinds of inquiries and will usually provide helpful information.

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if USPS delivers to the wrong address?

If you receive an incorrect delivery, contact the delivery company’s customer service department and tell them what happened. The package’s tracking number should provide additional information, such as the sender’s name and address. After an appropriate period of time has arrived, the company will come and take up the product.

How can I locate an undeliverable package??

  1. Verify that the shipping address is correct.
  2. Keep an eye out for notification of attempted delivery.
  3. Take a look around the delivery area. It’s possible that the delivery was delivered to a neighboring house.
  4. Read your mailbox.
  5. Allow three business days.

Final Thoughts:

You have provided sufficient information about OnTrac stating that a package has been sent, yet no received packet. You can get more information contact by the OnTrac authority or the service center. They provide them with specifics on how and why the situation arose.

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