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The United States Postal Service (USPS) has an excellent reputation for providing accurate, timely, and reliable tracking reports. However, this was not always the case.

Approximately 20 years ago, obtaining reliable tracking information — or any tracking information at all – from the USPS was nearly impossible.

However, significant advancements to the infrastructure, backend procedures, and tracking platform have contributed to the USPS system becoming one of the best in the sending sector today.

Even yet, USPS tracking may fail to update for various reasons (more on that in a moment), causing a great deal of irritation for customers who want to know where their mail or parcels are at any given time.

Fortunately, navigating this scenario is relatively straightforward. Below, we’ll discuss several possible causes of USPS tracking not updating, as well as what you can do to rectify the situation on your end.

USPS Tracking This Service is Currently Unavailable

USPS Tracking Status Meanings –The Package is in Transit

This scan has several connotations:

  • To begin, in transportation: upon arrival at the sorting facility.
  • Second, while in transit: on the way to or from the sorting facility
  • Tracking of these items on the USPS website will tell when the box is in transit. And arrive before the “Shipping on Time” delivery date.
  • If the package is delivered later than intended, the following message will appear: “In transit, late.”

What to Do When USPS Tracking is Unavailable?

When USPS tracking is unavailable, there are practical steps you can take to navigate the situation and stay informed about your package. Firstly, give it some time. Tracking information might take a while to update, especially if the package has just been shipped.

Secondly, check the tracking number for accuracy. Typos can lead to incorrect tracking information. Verify the number with the sender. Thirdly, consider the possibility that the package hasn’t been scanned at intermediate points due to various reasons.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it is not moving. Next, consult the sender. They might have additional information or insights into the package’s status. If the tracking remains unavailable for an extended period and you’re concerned, reach out to USPS customer service.

While they might not have immediate information, they can provide guidance on potential next steps or estimated delivery times. It is important to remain patient and recognize that tracking unavailability doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem with your package. Delays can happen for various reasons, and communication with both USPS and the sender will help you gather accurate information and alleviate any worries.

How to Check the Status of Your Package Without USPS Tracking?

When you can’t rely on USPS tracking, there are still ways to check your package’s status and stay informed about its whereabouts. Refer to any shipping confirmation or receipt you received from the sender.

This might contain details about estimated delivery times or a reference number you can use to inquire about the package. Contact the sender directly. They often have access to shipping information and can provide you with updates or insights into the package’s progress.

Consider using alternative tracking services. Some third-party websites or package tracking apps aggregate information from various carriers, which might include updates on your USPS shipment. If the package is being shipped internationally, inquire about customs and import processes.

Sometimes, packages can be held up during these procedures, leading to delays. If you’re still uncertain, reaching out to USPS customer service can be helpful. While they might not have tracking data, they could offer general information or advice on how to proceed.

Though USPS tracking is convenient, there are alternative ways to stay informed about your package. Communication with the sender and exploring other tracking options will give you a clearer picture of your package’s status.

USPS Tracking service is Unavailable means?

As we briefly said previously, the USPS has one of the best tracking systems in the postal and shipping sector.

USPS receives numerous accolades and citations each year for being one of the best-organized high-volume shipping and mail services on the planet.

A significant component of these praises is how well they manage tracking from beginning to end and how (nearly) everything they move through their infrastructure – hundreds of millions of bits each week – is recorded from beginning to end.

As with everything run by humans, the possibility of something “popping up” somewhere along the line and throwing a curveball into the mix exists here.

Numerous unanticipated circumstances cannot be avoided due to how the USPS is structured that may cause your tracking information not to update as quickly as you hoped.

Let’s go through a few of them right now!

  • Package Not Moving (Yet)

Additionally to the reasons outlined previously, you may be dealing with a USPS facility (often a processing facility) operating at maximum capacity and straining to keep up with an unexpected surge in the mail.

This typically occurs during the Christmas season, during the holiday season, or on an irregular basis throughout the year for various reasons.

However, any bottleneck in the system will slow things down, and it may not even be your item or envelope that is to blame!

Perhaps a piece of mail “upstream” prevents your mail from being updated, scanned, and provides you with more information about its position and status.

Keep in mind that if your package is not moving (yet), the likelihood is that it will begin moving again in a moment, and you will be ready to go!

  • Package Lost Somewhere in Transit

Unfortunately, not every package, shipment, or item of mail handled by the USPS will reach its intended destination.

While the USPS has a well-deserved reputation for getting the vast majority of mail to its intended destination with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience, they cannot always satisfy those lofty standards.

Occasionally, things go awry; envelopes and packages fall off conveyor belts, become lost in transit, or are accidentally destroyed beyond repair. All of these circumstances result in your tracking information failing to update completely, simply because there is nothing left to track!

These are some of the most perplexing circumstances to encounter when anticipating mail or a box, and they are (sadly) utterly unpredictable.

Fortunately, the USPS is constantly working to ensure that these incidents occur far less than they do now, more regularly than ever.

  • Package Has Been Delivery without a Delivery Update

Finally, it is possible that your package or envelope has already been delivered to your address (or to the address of the intended recipient) but has not been scanned as delivered with that particular update. Again, this occurs on a very infrequent basis, but it does.

Mail carriers may become sidetracked, may believe they have scanned a piece of mail as delivered when they have not yet touched it, or may be unable to check your item due to barcode damage (or other reasons altogether).

If your package’s status was last updated as “Out for Delivery” and hasn’t changed in a couple of hours – or a couple of days – it’s not a terrible idea to explore your home to see if it’s already arrived and was just not updated as delivered.

What Can You Do to Get the Tracking Information?

If USPS tracking does not update after several days, double-check that you have the correct tracking number. The following is a list of locations where you can verify the number:

  1. Receipt for USPS shipping
  2. If you purchased insurance through the United States Postal Service, verify the sales receipt.
  3. The USPS confirmation email
  4. The tracking label’s bottom peel-off section
  5. If you are unsure whether you received a USPS delivery, you can check the reverse of the orange slip.

However, even if you enter the correct tracking number, the USPS tracking will not update. In that instance, the issue is with the carrier, and you can perform the following steps:

  • Wait a Few Days

The carrier is capable of efficiently resolving a large number of the sources mentioned above of delay. As a result, wait a few days to check if the status of your shipment changes. Your item may potentially arrive during this period!

  • Contact the United States Postal Service

If the status of your package remains unchanged, after a few days, you can contact USPS Customer Service (1800-ASK-USPS) and inquire about it. Additionally, the website has an email address and other contact information. However, the USPS generally recommends waiting approximately five days before calling.

When speaking with a customer service person, you must supply your USPS tracking number. Once they get it, Customer Service will investigate the incident and provide you with an exact shipping status within 24–48 hours.

  • Make an In-Person Inquiry

Another alternative is to contact the most recent facility from which you received an update and inquire what transpired. You will see the out for delivery status after the tracking information is updated.

Where Can I Get the Tracking Information?

There are several ways to obtain tracking information for your shipment:

  1. Check the USPS website for tracking information on your package.
  2. You can also track the parcel using your smartphone app.
  3.  Another alternative is to send a text message to USPS (28777). You must include your tracking number in the body of the text.
  4. Make a customer service call.

US Global Mail

Those looking to avoid the headache and inconvenience of physically tracking their mail in their packages, Anyone who is continually concerned about what will arrive in their mailbox (and when) – or even whether it is worthwhile to visit the post office in search of an empty PO Box – may investigate US Global Mail and their virtual mailbox service. For over two decades, US Global Mail has been the gold standard in virtual mailbox services.

With excellent tracking features, quick notifications when new mail and parcels arrive at your permanent actual street address, digital scans and images of the envelopes and packages themselves, and so much more, it’s easy to see why people adore US Global Mail and everything they offer. To learn more about this service, including how to join up, visit the US Global Mail website today!

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does USPS say tracking is not available?

In many cases, the harsh weather conditions have caused the delivery process to be slowed down, preventing your mail or package from progressing further along with the infrastructure until it arrives at its final destination. Another common reason USPS tracking information hasn’t been updated is that harsh weather conditions have slowed down the delivery process.

  • Why has my package stopped tracking?

It is most commonly the case that when a parcel’s tracking has quit updating, it is merely because of a minor delay in delivery or because the tracking system has taken too long to register the parcel’s progress. If, on the other hand, your parcel has not arrived by the expected delivery date, you will need to contact your merchant or seller to initiate an investigation.

  • What will tracking say if a package has been seized USPS?

Even if your box has been confiscated, tracking will not inform you of this; nevertheless, you will receive a notice from customs noting that your delivery contained unlawful materials and had been taken, but that all other legal products had been returned to the package.

  • How long does it take for my USPS tracking to update?

It typically takes 24 hours for your USPS tracking information to be updated. However, some unforeseeable conditions can cause the process to take longer.

  • How can I check my tracking number?

Kindly verify you’re tracking number in one of the following locations:

  • Receipt for USPS shipping
  • If you purchased insurance through the United States Postal Service, verify the sales receipt.
  • The USPS confirmation email
  • The tracking label’s bottom peel-off section
  • If you are unsure whether you received a USPS delivery, you can check the reverse of the orange slip.

Final Thoughts:

It’s simple to keep track of USPS packages. Understand how parcels in transit are transferred from one location to another, as well as the international tracking system provided by the United States Postal Service.

If you’re shipping from the United States and seeking cost-effective local and international shipping alternatives, look no further.

Many small businesses find that postal solutions such as the United States Postal Service are a realistic choice. Many people are contemplating this approach because of the tracking option provided by the USPS.

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