Global Shipping Program Canada Post: A Complete Guide

The Global Shipping Program (GSP) offered by Canada Post provides a seamless and efficient solution for international shipments. This comprehensive guide explores how the program works, its benefits for sellers and buyers, shipping rates, customs duties, and delivery timelines. As a joint effort between eBay and Canada Post, the GSP simplifies the complexities of international shipping.

It also expands sellers’ reach to a global audience and offering buyers transparency in costs and delivery times. Understanding the intricacies of the Global Shipping Program is vital for both sellers and buyers seeking to engage in international transactions through eBay.

Global Shipping Program Canada Post
Global Shipping Program Canada Post

What is the Global Shipping Program offered by Canada Post?

Canada Post does not have a service called the “Global Shipping Program.” But Canada Post is associated with eBay’s GSP. Canada Post also has international shipping services like Air and Surface, Tracked Packet options, and many others.

The International Parcel services are designed for sending larger packages and offer various delivery speed and tracking options. Customers can choose between air and surface shipping based on their budget and delivery time requirements.

The Small Packet services are suitable for sending smaller items that are not too heavy. These options are typically more economical for lightweight packages. Tracked Packet services provide customers with a tracking number, allowing them to monitor the package’s progress throughout the shipping journey.

Canada Post’s international shipping options aim to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for customers looking to send parcels and packages to destinations outside of Canada. The specific features, delivery times, and costs may vary depending on the destination country and the service selected.

What are the benefits of using Canada Post Global Shipping Program?

Canada Post has no direct business called “Global Shipping Program.” However, if we consider the benefits of using eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP) that involves Canada Post for international shipments, here are some advantages for eBay sellers and buyers:

Benefits for Sellers

  • Expanded International Reach: By enrolling in eBay’s GSP, sellers can open up their listings to international buyers. It will increase their potential customer base significantly.
  • Simplified International Shipping: GSP takes care of the complex aspects of international shipping, including customs clearance and documentation. It will make it easier for sellers to ship items abroad.
  • Cost Control: Sellers can avoid unexpected shipping costs and import charges by setting their international shipping rates upfront, allowing for better cost control.
  • Enhanced Buyer Protection: Once the item reaches eBay’s fulfillment center, the seller is considered to have fulfilled their responsibility. It provides better protection against buyer disputes related to shipping and delivery.

Benefits for Buyers

  • Transparency and Upfront Costs: Buyers see the total cost, including international shipping and import charges. It provides clarity and transparency.
  • Faster Delivery: GSP aims to expedite international shipments, potentially reducing delivery times compared to traditional international shipping methods.
  • Simplified Customs Process: it manages customs clearance, simplifying the process for buyers and potentially reducing delays related to customs procedures.
  • Tracking and Support: GSP provides tracking information for international shipments. It allows buyers to monitor the package’s progress.

What are the shipping rates for Canada Post Global Shipping Program?

Canada Post Global Shipping Program offers sellers the flexibility to set their international shipping rates for each eligible destination. The shipping rates for GSP shipments are typically based on the package’s weight, dimensions, and the destination country.

For international buyers, the shipping costs displayed on listings enrolled in the Global Shipping Program include both the domestic shipping fee and the international shipping fee. The international shipping fee calculated by GSP also includes any import charges or customs duties applicable to the shipment.

This helps provide buyers with clarity regarding the total cost upfront. It allows them to make informed purchasing decisions without worrying about unexpected fees upon delivery. It is important to note that the shipping rates and policies of Global Shipping Program may vary depending on the seller’s preferences and the destination country.

What are the customs duties and taxes associated with Canada Post Global Shipping Program?

When a buyer purchases an item through GSP, the seller ships the package to eBay’s domestic fulfillment center in their country. From there, eBay takes over the responsibility of shipping the item internationally. Canada Post can also come to the scene but it is not always the case.

For buyers, the total cost displayed during checkout for GSP items includes the item price, domestic shipping fee, and the international shipping fee. The international shipping fee covers the cost of shipping from eBay’s fulfillment center to the buyer’s location, as well as any import duties and taxes that may apply.

GSP aims to provide buyers with transparency and clarity regarding the total cost upfront. So, there are no surprises when the package arrives. Buyers can review the estimated import charges before completing the purchase, making informed decisions about their purchases.

It is essential to note that customs duties and taxes can vary depending on the destination country and the specific regulations of that country. GSP takes care of customs procedures to ensure that packages comply with customs regulations to facilitate smoother and quicker customs clearance for international shipments.

What are the delivery timelines for Canada Post Global Shipping Program?

The delivery timelines for Global Shipping Program can vary depending on several factors, including the seller’s location, the destination country, and the shipping service selected by the seller for the GSP shipment.

Generally, GSP aims to expedite international shipments and provide faster delivery compared to standard international shipping methods. However, the actual delivery times can still vary based on factors such as customs processing in the destination country and the efficiency of the local postal service.

During the checkout process on eBay, buyers can view the estimated delivery times for GSP items based on the seller’s location and the buyer’s location. These estimates can provide a rough idea of when the package is expected to arrive, but they are not guaranteed delivery times.

It’s important to note that while GSP strives to expedite international shipments, international delivery timelines can be subject to unexpected delays beyond control. So, you can expect sometimes unexpected delays.

What to do if a shipment sent through Canada Post Global Shipping Program is lost or damaged?

If a shipment sent through Global Shipping Program (GSP) using Canada Post is lost or damaged, there are specific steps that both the seller and buyer can take. They can address the issue and seek for solution.

For Sellers

  • Communication with Buyer: If the buyer contacts the seller regarding a lost or damaged shipment, the seller should respond promptly and professionally. Open communication is essential in resolving the issue.
  • Check Tracking Information: Sellers should review the tracking information for the shipment to confirm its status. If the tracking indicates that the package is lost or delayed significantly, the seller should take appropriate action.
  • Contact Customer Support: Sellers can reach out to customer support to report the issue and seek guidance on how to proceed. GSP program may have specific protocols for handling lost or damaged shipments.

For Buyers

  • Contact the Seller: If the shipment is lost or damaged, buyers should contact the seller through messaging system to inform them of the situation.
  • Review Policies: Buyers should familiarize themselves with policies regarding lost or damaged items sent through the Global Shipping Program. These policies outline the steps to take and the timeframe for filing a claim.


The Global Shipping Program by Canada Post is in association with eBay. It serves as an invaluable tool for facilitating international e-commerce. By streamlining shipping processes, providing upfront costs, handling customs duties, and expediting delivery timelines, the program offers convenience and reliability for both sellers and buyers.

Sellers can broaden their market reach without the hassle of managing international shipping complexities. On the other hand, buyers benefit from clear cost visibility and enhanced protection. This complete guide has tried to shed light on it. Keep coming back for more updates shortly.

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