Shipment Picked Up By Canada Post: What happen next?

The journey of a well-coordinated logistics process begins, when a shipment is picked up by Canada Post. Canada Post takes charge of the package, and carefully handling it through its vast network. From the moment of pick-up, the package undergoes scanning, sorting, and distribution.

Here, they making use of advanced tracking technology to keep both the sender and recipient informed about its whereabouts. Canada Post picks up a shipment and the steps involved in this seamless delivery process is shared in details down below.

Shipment Picked Up By Canada Post
Shipment Picked Up By Canada Post

What happens after Canada Post picked the shipment?

After Canada Post picks up a shipment, the package begins its journey through the postal system. It is a setting in motion a well-coordinated process to ensure its timely delivery. Once collected from the sender’s location, the package is transported to a sorting facility, and undergoes initial processing.

Here, the shipment is scanned, and the tracking information is updated. At the sorting facility, packages are organized based on their destination, size, and weight. They are then loaded onto trucks or planes, depending on the distance they need to travel.

At the regional centers, another round of sorting takes place, further refining the packages’ routes to their final destinations. Once sorted, they are transferred to local post offices, where postal workers take over for the final leg of the journey.

These dedicated professionals sort the packages for specific delivery routes and set out to deliver them to the intended recipients. Throughout this process, the tracking information is continually updated. This transparency helps build trust and confidence in the postal service.

How long does it take for Canada Post to scan and process a shipment?

The time it takes for Canada Post to scan and process a shipment can vary depending on several factors. Generally, Canada Post is known for its efficient and reliable services, striving to deliver packages promptly.

Upon pick-up, the shipment is typically scanned and its tracking information is updated in real-time. This initial scanning occurs at the sender’s location, and the data is made available to both the sender and recipient through online tracking tools.

The actual processing time at Canada Post’s sorting facilities can range from a few hours to one business day. During this period, the package goes through the sorting and routing process. It is categorized based on its destination, size, and weight. This step is crucial in determining the most optimal route for the shipment to reach its final destination.

Once the sorting is completed, the shipment is dispatched to regional distribution centers. It may undergo further sorting before being transferred to local post offices. At the local post office, postal workers sort the packages for specific delivery routes, and the delivery process begins.

The overall time it takes for a shipment to be processed and delivered can be affected by various factors. It can be shipping method chosen, the distance the package needs to travel, the volume of packages in the system, and any potential delays due to extreme weather conditions.

What to do if a shipment picked up by Canada Post is delayed?

If a shipment picked up by Canada Post is delayed, there are several steps you can take to address the situation and get your package back on track for delivery. Some of the best practices are shared below in details.

  • Check Tracking Information: Start by checking the tracking information of your shipment online. This will provide you with the most up-to-date status of your package and may offer insight into the reason for the delay.
  • Contact Customer Support: If the tracking information doesn’t provide a clear reason for the delay, reach out to Canada Post’s customer support. They can investigate the issue, provide more information about the delay, and offer potential solutions.
  • Notify the Sender or Recipient: If you are the recipient and the shipment is delayed, inform the sender about the situation. They may be able to help resolve the issue with Canada Post or initiate an investigation into the delay.
  • Be Patient: Sometimes, delays are beyond anyone’s control, such as extreme weather events or unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, it’s essential to be patient and allow some extra time for the package to be delivered.
  • Request Expedited Service (If Available): If the shipment is time-sensitive and experiencing a significant delay, inquire about expedited delivery options. This may help get your package back on schedule.
  • Consider Insurance (If Applicable): If the shipment is insured, financial loss for delay shipment can be covered. Check with Canada Post or the shipping provider for more information on the insurance process.
  • Follow Up Regularly: Stay in touch with Canada Post’s customer support to stay informed about the progress of your package. Regular follow-ups can help ensure the issue is being addressed.

What are the shipping options offered by Canada Post?

Canada Post offers a range of shipping options to accommodate various needs and preferences of customers. Here are some of the primary shipping options provided by Canada Post. Check them out and find the right one for you.

Regular Parcel

This is a standard and cost-effective shipping option for sending non-urgent items within Canada. Delivery times may vary based on the destination.

Expedited Parcel

This service offers faster delivery times compared to Regular Parcel and includes tracking and delivery confirmation. It is a reliable option for domestic shipments.


Xpresspost is a priority service that provides expedited delivery for both domestic and international shipments. It comes with tracking, on-time delivery guarantees, and delivery confirmation.


This is the fastest shipping option for urgent shipments within Canada. It offers next-day or two-day delivery, depending on the destination, with tracking and on-time delivery guarantees.

International Shipping

Canada Post offers various international shipping options, including International Parcel – Air and Surface, Small Packet – Air and Surface, and Tracked Packet services. It depend on the destination and level of tracking required.

Flat Rate Boxes

Canada Post provides flat rate shipping boxes for domestic and international shipments. It allows customers to send items up to a specific weight at a predetermined rate.

What are the delivery timelines for Canada Post’s shipping services?

Canada Post offers various shipping services with different delivery timelines to cater to the diverse needs of customers. The delivery timelines depend on factors such as the shipping service selected. Here are some general guidelines for the delivery timelines of Canada Post’s shipping services:

  • Regular Parcel: Delivery times for Regular Parcel within Canada can range from 2 to 9 business days. It depends on the distance between the sender and recipient locations.
  • Expedited Parcel: This service provides faster delivery within Canada, typically ranging from 1 to 7 business days, depending on the destination.
  • Xpresspost: Xpresspost offers expedited delivery for both domestic and international shipments. Within Canada, delivery times usually range from 1 to 3 business days.
  • Priority™: The Priority service is the fastest option for domestic shipments within Canada, with next-day or two-day delivery to most urban locations.
  • International Shipping: Delivery timelines for international shipping services can vary significantly based on the destination country and the selected shipping service. It can range from a few business days for express services to several weeks for standard international shipping.

What are the package requirements for Canada Post domestic and international shipments?

Canada Post has specific package requirements for both domestic and international shipments to ensure safe and efficient delivery. Adhering to these guidelines helps prevent damage to the package. You also need to make sure that it meets the necessary regulations for transportation. Here are the key package requirements

Domestic Shipments

  • Weight and Size Limits: The maximum weight allowed for a domestic parcel is 30 kg (66 lbs). The size limits vary based on the shipping service selected, but the largest dimensions typically allowed are around 200 cm (length + girth combined).
  • Packaging: Packages must be securely packed in a sturdy container that can withstand the rigors of the shipping process. Fragile items should be appropriately cushioned and marked as such.
  • Addressing: The package should have clear and accurate addresses for both the sender and recipient, including postal codes.
  • Labels and Documentation: The required shipping labels and documentation. Must be properly filled out and attached.

International Shipments

  • Weight and Size Limits: The maximum weight for international parcels varies based on the destination country and the selected shipping service. The size limits also depend on the specific service and destination.
  • Packaging: Similar to domestic shipments, international packages must be well-packaged and adequately protected to withstand international transit.
  • Customs Forms: International shipments require additional customs forms to declare the contents of the package and its value. The sender must accurately complete these forms to comply with customs regulations.
  • Prohibited and Restricted Items: Some items are prohibited or have restrictions for international shipping. It’s essential to check Canada Post’s guidelines and the destination country’s regulations to ensure compliance.


The process of a shipment picked up by Canada Post reflects the organization’s commitment to efficiency and reliability. From the initial scan to the final delivery, the package goes through a well-structured and meticulously planned journey.

The integration of technology enables real-time tracking, keeping customers informed throughout the shipment’s progress. Canada Post’s wide array of shipping options ensures that customers can choose the most suitable service for their needs. Keep coming back for more updates shortly.

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