Departed USPS Regional Facility – What does it mean?

Do you see the message “departed USPS regional facility” on your tracking page? But do not you know what does this actually means? To help you, we are here.

USPS is the independent postal service agency of the United States government. When you look ahead on your package tracking page, you sometimes notice a USPS message for the departed regional facility.

So, let’s check out the actual meaning of this message.

What Does Mean by Departed USPS Regional Facility?

A regional facility means the regional distribution center. Actually, this agency sorts the packages according to the delivered location. So, when they sort your package according to your area, they leave your package for shipping.

So, when your package has been left the regional facility, you get this type of message from USPS.

However, your package can go to the following regional center after the left one. It can travel to several regional agencies until it comes to your nearest post office.

How Much Time Will It Need to Arrive My Package?

USPS does work on the holidays. That’s why it needs to count the working days while calculating actual arriving days.

Those months where working days are very few, it will take several weeks to arrive your package. But when the festival is less, and there are enough working days, it will take few days to reach your package. Sometimes, you can get your package before the estimated date.

But the time can depend on the shipping plan of the USPS and even on the distance of your desired delivered location.

What Should You Do for A Faster Delivery?

If you think about your pocket money and choose an economical shipping plan for your parcel, you may have to wait several weeks to get package delivery. That’s why it will be better to select a faster shipping plan while using USPS as a package shipment.

Then you can purchase any shipping insurance to avoid any hazard and get indemnity.

At last, you can select your home address as a delivery location instead of the office address. It will ensure your presence while the delivery man comes to your house, and you will not have to go to the post office for re-delivery.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much time the departed USPS regional facility takes?

The regional facility may take one to two days. So, you may be sure about it by checking the tracking status. Perhaps, in the next day, the Departed local PO message will come.

  • Where does my package go after the regional facility?

Generally, the package will travel to a number of USPS Regional Facilities. Then it will come to the USPS Regional Destination Facility. After that, it will come to your nearest post office to deliver it to your home.

  • Can you pick up your package from USPS regional facility?

You can pick up your package from your local post office or from the USPS distribution center. Even you can pick up your package from the rerouted address.

  • Can you go to the USPS distribution center?

Yes, you can go to the USPS distribution center and can pick up your packages if you want. But when the packages arrive at your nearest post office, they will automatically be delivered to your home.

Final Words

So many people become confused to see the notification of “Departed USPS Regional Facility.” But now, the meaning of this message is clear to you.

So, when your friend becomes confused to see this type of message, you can help him quickly.

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