UPS Hasn’t Been Updated In 3 Days: Why is Tracking Take so Long to Update

It’s well-known that the United Parcel Service (UPS) offers a wide range of services in over 220 countries. For instance, there’s a “Tracking System” in there. Customers and business owners can both use it to keep tabs on the progress of a shipment.

Just make sure each package has a tracking number. This will help you in determining when the items will be delivered.

The notice “UPS Tracking is not updating” will frequently appear while tracking your shipment. What does it all mean, exactly, signify? This shows that your shipment’s location has either recently changed or is unknown. Such issues can arise during shipping, resulting in a delay in delivery due to unforeseen circumstances.

UPS Hasn't Been Updated In 3 Days

What is the Best Method to Track My UPS Package?

Whether you’re shipping anything domestically or abroad, UPS can help you keep track of it with a choice of tracking options. To begin, you’ll need the UPS tracking number, which is often issued to you when you send a package at a retail store or sent to you through email after you make an eCommerce transaction.

It starts with 1Z, then follows a 6-character shipping code (consisting of numbers and letters), two-digit service level indicator characters, and then eight digits to identify the cargo. UPS issues an 18-digit tracking number IZ1234567891234567

With the tracking number, there are several ways to check on the delivery’s progress.

UPS website:

  • For real-time status, enter as many tracking numbers as you’d like.
  • Use the USPS Chabot from the Help Center to enter the tracking number.

UPS Contact Number:

  • Domestic: 1-888-742-5877
  • International: 1-866-782-7892

UPS is my option:

Join UPS to track deliveries, receive delivery notifications, and see how packages are routed to UPS access points. A premium service is also available if you need services like delivery to a different address and a definite delivery time.

SMS Tracking:

  • Adding your mobile number to the monitoring website’s sign-up form will enable you to start receiving SMS alerts.

Clients may select ‘All’ or search for the UPS tracking number in the search bar in the Manage Shipments area to track their UPS packages. Your customers will be able to follow the progress of their shipments with custom-branded emails and tracking websites.

The Meaning of UPS Online Tracking Statuses

It is critical to comprehend the various UPS tracking statuses before utilizing the UPS track package option, regardless of UPS ground tracking or any other service.

The following are a few of these statuses:

Shipment Returned to Shipper: A shipment was returned to its original shipper.

Exception: A package has been delayed due to an unforeseen event (parcel damaged, unknown address, non-receipt of signature, etc.).

 Transit: The shipment is currently in transit through the UPS network and delivered on the originally scheduled date and time.

On Delivery Method: The shipment has already been assigned to a UPS driver and delivered the same day to the recipient.

Update Delivery Date: When your shipment’s status indicates “updated delivery date,” regardless of whether you’re tracking it via the UPS tracking phone number or online, it means that, while your shipment is in transit, the delivery date will no longer be as initially scheduled.

Which UPS facilities include a tracking feature?

UPS is well-known for providing day-definite and time-definite worldwide delivery services, primarily based on the item’s destination. In most cases, tracking is an option for all services. Check out these renowned eCommerce shipping companies.

  • Shipping via UPS Ground takes one to five business days.
  • The UPS Express Plus service requires just 1-3 business days.
  • UPS Next-Day Air: 1-2 company days
  • Delivery time with UPS Global Express: 1-5 business days
  • Two- to five-day delivery timeframe with UPS Express Saver
  • 3 to 6 business days for UPS Expedited

What Happens If UPS Tracking Information Is Not Updated?

Customers are frequently advised by customer service agents to allow up to 24 hours for the UPS tracking number on their shipment to be recorded by the respective carrier. According to the company, your shipment’s UPS tracking may not be updated if the courier has not yet picked up the box or if it has been picked up but has not yet been scanned. Once 24 hours have passed, and the status has not been updated, it is essential to contact UPS customer service directly to resolve any issues.

How much time does it take for UPS to update tracking information?

UPS maintains package tracking during the shipment by scanning the barcode at each new location where the package is dropped off. The tracking information should be updated in real-time or close to real-time. The driver may delay scanning the barcode for various reasons, resulting in the tracking not being up to date. If you feel delays or problems, it is preferable to contact UPS immediately to resolve any concerns.

What Happens If My Package Isn’t Delivered on Time?

UPS is one of the most dependable courier services, although deliveries might fail for various reasons.If your delivery hasn’t arrived or your tracking information hasn’t changed, use these steps to find out what’s going on:

  • Wait until the next business day after the delivery date has been passed.
  • UPS should be notified about the missing package.
  • Be patient with UPS so they may conduct a package search (takes up to 10 business days)
  • If a package is located, UPS will deliver it to the intended recipient, and the shipper will be notified as soon as delivery is complete.
  • If UPS ground tracking or any other service option fails to locate the package you’ve been tracking, the shipper will be notified via fax, email, or regular mail of a damage/loss claim.
  • Once you have gathered all of this information, you’ll need to send it to UPS so they can determine the worth of your shipment.
  • UPS assesses the shipment’s value and makes sure the content complies with the carrier’s terms of service requirements.
  • A UPS tracking order that never came is finally resolved when the company pays out the loss claim, either for replacement or purchase costs. If the company denies the claim, UPS will contact the consumer to explain their position.

Follow the progress of your shipments using UPS Tracking

Ecommerce business owners may now keep their consumers updated on the status of an order by using UPS tracking phone numbers or UPS shipping tracking options on the web, thanks to monitoring alternatives being available.

By utilizing eCommerce, companies can effortlessly keep track of their customers’ orders from checkout through delivery.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s wrong with my UPS tracking number?

In cases where the carrier hasn’t yet picked up the package, UPS numbers are useless. Or if the package’s bar code cannot be read correctly.

  • How many digits does a UPS tracking number contain?

UPS assigns you an 18-digit code that begins with the letter “IZ.” Following, there are six different numbers and letters, two digital service indicators, and eight digits.

  • How much does a UPS tracking cost?

UPS Tracking is entirely free. You are not required to pay a single dime for this service on an individual basis.

  • Why is my UPS tracking number not working?

If the courier has not yet picked up the packages, no UPS tracking numbers will function. There could be a delay in scanning the parcel’s bar code, preventing the tracking number from working.

Final Thoughts:

UPS hasn’t released an update in three days, in case you didn’t know. Speak to a UPS employee or the support desk for further information on shipping and delivery options. More information is available if you inquire with them.

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