Canada Post Item Redirected To Recipient’s New Address: What does it mean?

You may sometime come across the status update “Item redirected to recipient’s new address.” But what exactly does this mean? This article aims to demystify the significance of this status update and shed light on the reasons behind package redirection.

Whether due to a change of address, delivery preference, or other factors, understanding the implications of package redirection can help recipients. Read on to discover the insights behind this status and what it means for your shipment.

Canada Post Item Redirected To Recipient’s New Address

What does “Item redirected to recipient’s new address” mean?

You see the message “Item redirected to recipient’s new address”. It indicates that a package or mail item, and was originally sent to one address. Now, it has been redirected to a different address provided by the recipient or the sender.

This redirection typically occurs when the initial delivery address is no longer valid or when the recipient has requested the change in delivery location. There could be various reasons for redirecting an item to a new address.

It might be due to a recent change in the recipient’s address, or an error in the original address input. Postal services and courier companies often offer redirection services to accommodate such changes. Recipients can request to reroute the package after it’s already in transit.

It ensures to reaches the correct destination. This service proves especially helpful during situations like relocation or temporary unavailability at the original address. The status “Item redirected to recipient’s new address” confirms that the package’s delivery path has been altered successfully.

Reasons why Canada Post item may be redirected to a new address

There are several reasons why a Canada Post item may be redirected to a new address. You need to have a clear idea about them. I am going to share with you some of the common one. Let’s check them out.

  • Change of Address: The recipient has recently moved and submitted a change of address request. Canada Post will redirect the item to the new address to ensure successful delivery.
  • Incorrect Address: The sender provided an incorrect or incomplete address. Canada Post may attempt to verify the address or seek the recipient’s assistance to redirect the item to the correct location.
  • Delivery Preference: The recipient may have requested the package to be delivered to an alternative address, such as their workplace or a neighbor’s house, for convenience or security reasons.
  • Safekeeping: The recipient is away or unable to receive the package at the original address. They might request Canada Post to redirect it to a nearby post office or designated pickup location for safekeeping until they can collect it.
  • Address Verification: Canada Post may redirect the item to the recipient’s new address. They suspect a fraudulent or suspicious address, and ensure the package reaches the rightful recipient.
  • Postal Routing: Due to operational reasons or logistical constraints, Canada Post may redirect items to optimize delivery routes and efficiency.

How to request a package redirection with Canada Post?

Requesting a package redirection with Canada Post is a straightforward process that can be initiated by the sender or the recipient. If you find that your package needs to be redirected to a new address, follow these steps to make the request.

  • Contact Canada Post Customer Support: Reach out to Canada Post’s customer support either by phone or through their official website. Explain your situation and provide the necessary details, and the new address where you want the package to be redirected.
  • Online Redirection: If you prefer a convenient online option, visit the Canada Post website and access their “Package Redirection” service. Log in to your Canada Post account or create one if you don’t have it already. Enter the required information, including the tracking number and the new delivery address.
  • Pay Redirection Fee: In most cases, package redirection involves a fee. Ensure you have a valid payment method ready to cover the redirection charges. The fee may vary depending on the type of package and the distance of the redirection.
  • Verify Details: Double-check all the provided information to ensure accuracy. Mistakes in the redirection request may lead to delivery delays or issues.
  • Confirmation: After submitting the redirection request, Canada Post will provide a confirmation of the request and the new delivery details. Keep this confirmation for your records.
  • Tracking: Use the provided tracking number to monitor the package’s status and track its movement to the new address.

What happens if the redirected address is outside of Canada?

If the redirected address is outside of Canada, the package will undergo an international redirection process. Canada Post will work in collaboration with the postal service of the destination country to reroute the package. However, it’s important to note that international redirections can be more complex and time-consuming compared to domestic ones.

The package will be subject to customs procedures of the destination country. This may include inspections, duties, and taxes, depending on the nature of the contents and the country’s regulations. International redirections may take longer than regular domestic deliveries due to additional processing and coordination between postal services.

Expect additional redirection fees for international shipments. These fees vary depending on the destination country and the service level selected. The package’s tracking information will be updated to reflect the new delivery route. You can continue to monitor the package’s progress using the provided tracking number.

The recipient may need to be aware of and fulfill any requirements or documentation needed by their country’s postal service to receive the redirected package. It’s crucial for the recipient to be accessible and responsive to communications from both Canada Post and the destination country’s postal service.

How long does it take for a redirected package to arrive with Canada Post?

The time it takes for a redirected package to arrive with Canada Post can vary depending on various factors. Generally, the redirection process may add some additional transit time to the original delivery schedule.

If the redirection is within Canada, the package may take an extra 1 to 3 business days to reach the new address. You need to consider factors like the distance between the original and new locations, and any processing time required.

However, if the package is redirected to an address outside of Canada, the delivery time can be significantly longer. International redirections involve coordination between multiple postal services and customs procedures, which can result in additional delays.

How to prevent Canada Post packages from being redirected without your consent?

To prevent Canada Post packages from being redirected without your consent, follow these steps and adopt best practices:

  1. Update Address: Keep your address updated with Canada Post. Ensure that any changes in your address and communicate to Canada Post to avoid unintended redirection.
  2. Secure Mailbox: Use a secure mailbox or a locked community mailbox to receive packages. This helps to minimize the risk of someone else attempting to redirect your packages without your knowledge.
  3. Delivery Instructions: Leave specific delivery instructions for the postal carrier, such as a preferred safe drop location or delivery time when you are available to receive the package. This reduces the likelihood of redirection attempts.
  4. Signature Confirmation: Request signature confirmation upon delivery for valuable or sensitive items. This ensures that the package is delivered directly to you or an authorized representative. It will prevent unauthorized redirection.
  5. Change Delivery Options: If you anticipate being away or unavailable to receive a package, consider changing the delivery option to “Hold at Post Office” or “Card for Pickup.” This way, the package will be
  6. Monitor Tracking: Regularly monitor the tracking status of your packages through Canada Post’s online tracking system. This allows you to be aware of any changes or redirection requests made to your shipments.


Understanding the meaning behind the status “Canada Post Item Redirected To Recipient’s New Address” provides valuable insights into the package redirection process. Due to changes in address, delivery preferences, or other reasons, this status update ensures that packages reach their intended destination even when unforeseen circumstances arise.

By promptly contacting Canada Post and providing accurate information, both recipients and senders can take proactive steps to facilitate smooth and successful redirections. Keeping track of the status updates and being aware of the implications of package redirection allows for better communication.

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