Canada Post Pick Up Package Before Delivery: What to Do?

Canada Post’s pick-up service allows customers to retrieve their packages from a designated location before they are delivered to their doorstep. This option provides flexibility, convenience, and added control over when and where you receive your packages.

If you’re considering picking up your package before delivery, it’s essential to understand what to expect to ensure a smooth experience. In this article, we will explore what you can expect when utilizing Canada Post’s pick-up service. Let’s check them out.

Canada Post Pick Up Package Before Delivery
Canada Post Pick Up Package Before Delivery

Can I Pickup My Package Before It Gets Delivered in Canada Post?

Canada Post’s FlexDelivery service provides you with the option to have your packages delivered to a post office of your choice instead of your home address. With FlexDelivery, you can pick up your package at a time that suits you best.

When you sign up for FlexDelivery, you will receive a unique FlexDelivery address to use for online purchases or when updating your shipping information. Once your package arrives at the designated post office, you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to pick it up.

Canada Post has a vast network of post offices across the country. So, it is convenient to find a pickup location near you. You can choose a post office that is most convenient for your schedule or close to your workplace, providing flexibility and ease of access.

When picking up your package, make sure to bring valid identification. This ensures that you are the intended recipient and helps Canada Post maintain the security of the package. Keep an eye on your package’s tracking information to stay informed about its progress.

Canada Post’s tracking system will provide updates on when the package arrives at the designated post office and is ready for pickup. By utilizing Canada Post’s FlexDelivery service, you have the flexibility to pick up your package at a time and location that works best for you.

Scheduled Pick-Up service for Canada Post

Scheduled Pick-Up service is a convenient offering provided by Canada Post that allows individuals and businesses to have their outgoing mail and packages collected directly from their location. With this service, customers can save time and effort by scheduling a pick-up without having to visit a post office.

Customers can schedule a pick-up online through Canada Post’s website or by calling their customer support. The service is available for both regular and contract customers. Canada Post also offers various pick-up options to accommodate different needs.

Customers can schedule a one-time pick-up or set up recurring pick-ups, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, based on their mailing requirements. The Scheduled Pick-Up service allows customers to have both mail and packages collected.

Customers can select a preferred pick-up time within a specified time window. This ensures that the pick-up aligns with their schedule and minimizes any disruptions to their daily activities. While the Scheduled Pick-Up service is generally free for contract customers, there may be fees associated with certain types of pick-ups or for regular customers.

To ensure a smooth pick-up process, customers must ensure that their items are properly packaged and labeled according to Canada Post’s guidelines. This helps facilitate efficient handling and accurate processing of the collected items.

Differences between home delivery and pick-up at post office

Home delivery and pick-up at the post office are two different options for receiving mail and packages. Each has its own set of advantages and setbacks. Here are the key differences between home delivery and pick-up at the post office:

  • Convenience: Home delivery offers the convenience of having your items delivered directly to your doorstep. You don’t need to travel or make an extra trip to the post office to retrieve your packages. On the other hand, pick-up at the post office may require you to visit a specific location during their operating hours.
  • Security: Home delivery reduces the risk of your package being lost or stolen during transit since it is delivered to your address. However, if you have concerns about package security at your location, pick-up at the post office can provide added peace of mind.
  • Delivery Attempts: Home delivery typically involves multiple delivery attempts if you are not available to receive the package initially. The postal carrier will try to deliver the item on different days or leave a notice for you to arrange redelivery or pick-up. With pick-up at the post office, you have more control over when you collect the package.
  • Redelivery Flexibility: If you miss a home delivery attempt, redelivery options are usually available. You can arrange for the package to be redelivered at a more convenient time or date. With pick-up at the post office, you can simply visit the post office during their hours of operation to collect your package without needing to schedule a redelivery.
  • Accessibility: Home delivery is particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility challenges or limited access to transportation. It eliminates the need to travel and ensures that packages are brought directly to their residence. However, pick-up at the post office may be more accessible for those who live in remote areas.

Benefits of Pick-Up Before Delivery

Opting for pick-up before delivery can offer several advantages for individuals and businesses. By picking up your packages at a designated location, you gain flexibility and control over when and where you receive them. This is especially beneficial for individuals with busy schedules or unpredictable availability.

Pick-up before delivery eliminates the need to wait at home or arrange for someone to receive the package on your behalf. You can simply visit the pick-up location at your convenience and retrieve your package without the hassle of coordinating delivery times.

Picking up packages directly from a designated location provides an added layer of security. It reduces the risk of packages being lost or stolen from doorsteps. This is especially valuable for valuable or sensitive items that require extra protection.

With pick-up, you can bypass potential delivery issues, such as missed deliveries or failed delivery attempts. This can save time and prevent the need for rescheduling or redelivery. It will ensure a smoother and more efficient process.

Pick-up before delivery offers increased privacy, particularly for packages that may contain personal or confidential information. By collecting the package in person, you can maintain privacy and ensure that sensitive items remain secure.

Privileges and immunities of Canada Post Pickup

Canada Post has an extensive network of post offices and partner locations for package pickup. This widespread coverage ensures that customers can find a pickup location that is convenient for them. Many Canada Post pickup locations offer extended operating hours.

It allows customers to collect their packages at a time that suits their schedule. This flexibility eliminates the constraints of traditional business hours and accommodates individuals with busy lifestyles. By picking up packages from a secure post office or partner location, customers benefit from added package security.

Pickup ensures that the package is safely held until the recipient personally collects it. Canada Post Pickup provides enhanced privacy for customers. Instead of having packages left on their doorstep where they can be visible to others.

If a delivery attempt is missed, Canada Post Pickup allows customers to arrange for redelivery at a convenient time or pick up the package themselves. This flexibility ensures that customers have control over when and how they receive their items.

Canada Post Pickup promotes accessibility for individuals who may face challenges with home deliveries. It is great option for people living in remote areas or in buildings with limited access. Pickup locations provide an accessible and inclusive option for receiving packages.


Picking up your package before delivery with Canada Post offers numerous advantages, including flexibility, convenience, and enhanced control. By understanding what to expect when utilizing the pick-up service, you can plan accordingly and make the most of this convenient service.

When you want to have more control over when you receive your packages, Canada Post’s pick-up service provides a reliable and efficient solution. Stay informed, stay organized, and enjoy the convenience of picking up your packages at a time and place that suits your schedule.

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