USPS In Possession Of Item: Everything You are Looking for!

Do you frequently receive the message “USPS in Possession of Item”? This notification is frequently received from authorities who use USPS services.

The USPS (United States Postal Service System) is one of the country’s most comprehensive postal services. It primarily serves as a courier service, delivering a large number of packages and mail each day.

Those who mail their parcels internationally, on the other hand, frequently receive messages such as possession of an item. You’ll get a clear picture of the real cause of this message, as well as some other possibilities. So, let’s get down to business.

USPS In Possession Of Item

What Does It Mean When Tracking Says USPS in Possession of Item?

You may receive such a warning from the USPS authority if you send your parcels worldwide. However, it will not be strange if you receive the same notification when sending packages within the United States.

You may be aware that customs initially inspect packages before being moved to another area. As a result, once the business has completed its inspection, it will proceed to the next step in the shipping process.

You may receive the phrase “your packages have an item under USPS” when you see the parcel on the tracking page.

Even if the authorities discover an illegal material in your shipment, you may receive the same notification stating that USPS has taken possession of your parcel for that reason. If the cargo is damaged, the USPS may notify you by sending you a USPS in control of the item status message.


This notification,’ USPS is now in possession of your item’, appears for various reasons. Let’s have a look at them all in the points below:

  1. For foreign shipments, this courier status notification is generally displayed. However, it may appear on shipments processed within the United States.
  2. Customs are currently inspecting the package.
  3. Once the package clears customs, you should be able to watch its progress on the tracking page.
  4. If your package contains unlawful content, you may not get it (or the USPS may contact you about the package).
  5. You may face legal action if the parcel contains anything illegal, and law enforcement agents can establish you are the owner of the property beyond a reasonable doubt.
  6. You don’t need to be concerned if you have nothing illegal on your person. Your package is on its way. The following tracking information is updated after 4 hours, as you can see in the graphic above.
  7. If the package is damaged, this warning may appear as well.

How USPS handle packages in the “In Possession Of Item” status?

When a package is in the “In Possession Of Item” status, it means that USPS has physically received and taken possession of the package from the sender or another carrier. Here’s how USPS handles packages in this status:

Scanning and Tracking: Upon taking possession of the package, USPS scans it into their system. This scan marks the official start of the package’s journey within the USPS network and triggers tracking updates for senders and recipients to monitor.

Processing and Sorting: USPS processes the package by assigning it to appropriate sorting and distribution centers based on its destination. This step ensures efficient routing for further delivery.

Updating Status: The tracking status changes from “In Possession Of Item” to reflect the package’s movement within the USPS network. The package is tracked at various checkpoints as it moves through different facilities.

Sorting for Delivery: USPS sorts the package based on its delivery route and estimated delivery time. This step optimizes the last-mile delivery process.

Last-Mile Delivery: After completing the processing and sorting stages, USPS’s last-mile delivery process begins. The package is dispatched to the local post office or carrier responsible for delivering it to the recipient’s address.

Delivery Confirmation: Once the package is successfully delivered, USPS updates the tracking status to reflect the delivery confirmation, providing senders and recipients with proof of delivery.

During the “In Possession Of Item” status, USPS ensures accurate scanning, processing, and sorting of packages to facilitate their smooth transition within the USPS network. This results in efficient and reliable package delivery to recipients.

Does USPS Check Packages for Drugs?

Inspectors from the Postal Service will examine your parcels to see if you are shipping any unlawful drag as a parcel. As a result, they may scan shipments for substances such as marijuana and other narcotics.

Some people are attempting to transmit narcotics via postal services these days, and the authorities are keeping a close eye on them. Even dogs are deployed to inspect the goods thoroughly.

What Happens If USPS Finds Drugs in A Package?

If the USPS (United States Postal Service) discovers any narcotic in a shipment, a warrant must be obtained. Because the pills are so dangerous, the authorities must take action against the package sender.

What Do I Do If My Package Is Stuck at The Post Office?

When you send a box by USPS service, it is possible that your package will become USPS in possession of item stopped in the penultimate stage. Unfortunately, many individuals tell us that their packages get stuck at the post office.

You can phone the post office hotline if you are one of them who is looking for a solution to this difficulty. When you acquire the position of your box as quickly as possible, you can collect the information for sticking your package.

When the authority is unable to deliver your product, you may be entitled to a complete refund and all of your money.

Isn’t there going to be the easiest way to solve this problem?

  1. Because the item may be damaged during shipment, easily breakable things should be protected with a protective case.
  2. Take out a shipping insurance policy for your goods if at all possible.
  3. Try to include your cellphone number and a well-known landmark near your home with the receiver’s address.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does USPS tracking say if the package is seized?

If your shipment has been confiscated, you will receive a note from customs explaining that it contained illicit materials seized but that all other legal items were returned to the package.

What do I do if USPS holds my package?

You have the option of having the package held by the destination Post Office or have it returned to sender.

  1. Check to see if your package qualifies for Package Interception.
  2. If you are eligible, you can make your request online by signing into your account.
  • Why is my USPS package not moving?

For various reasons, your shipment could be stuck in transit: loss, damage, or even a glitch in the USPS tracking system. More than likely, the US Postal Service has misplaced, misclassified, or just ignored your item due to a shortage of personnel. This means that once you attract attention to its absence, it should be easy to find.

  • Does USPS use drug dogs?

The federal government uses dogs to smell out drugs in mail deliveries. Matt Finn reports from Chicago on a new weapon in the fight against the opioid epidemic. CHICAGO, IL — The United States Postal Service is on the front lines of stopping fatal opioids and fentanyl from entering American neighborhoods.

  • Does USPS XRAY every package?

An X-Ray machine will be used to examine some of the mail sent by the United States Postal Service. Although mail sent to or via significant cities is likely to pass through an X-Ray machine, there are no unique standards as to what can or cannot be x-rayed.

  • Why am I not getting my USPS mail?

If you do not receive your letter on time, it may be misspelled or go unchecked by USPS while it is in possession of the item for days or weeks. The shipping label may fall off the mail item if it remains in the same place without telling you.

  • Does USPS scan all mail?

Because the USPS is such a massive postal service in the United States, all mail that enters the system must be checked. Criminals have tried to use the postal system to perpetrate a variety of crimes in the past. As a result, the authorities must always be vigilant.

  • When does my mail carrier come?

Though there is no set time to visit the mail carrier, you may expect your mail to comes between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. (local time) if the mail carriers leave their routes.

  • Will customs open my package?

No, customs officers will not open your item or parcels unless there is a valid justification for doing so. Every box is scanned or x-rayed to ensure that the products you’re delivering match the information on your customs papers.

Final Thoughts:

Now you know what “USPS In Possession of Item” means and why you’re getting the notification. If you have any problems in the future, you will be able to fix them independently. If you need additional help, please get in touch with the USPS via their customer service line. They are the ones who call tell me briefly about the status of your package.

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